Singles Holidays to Vietnam

Exquisite seafood, a unique heritage, secluded cove beaches, immense natural beauty and relaxing spa treatments are all part of what makes Vietnam such an appealing travel destination. For your singles holiday, Vietnam offers plenty to do from trekking through the green hills that surround Sapa and Bac Ha to kitesurfing and motorbiking.

The limestone islands that emerge from the tropical oceanic waters and the mysterious caves such as those in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, all add to the charm of this deliciously exotic holiday destination.

Many travellers believe that Vietnam boasts the best food in South East Asia and it is certainly renowned for its exceptional cuisine; from street food to fine dining, beach restaurants to cooking schools. The food is a delicious fusion of influences including Chinese, Mongolian and Cambodian with a subtlety that perfectly reflects the beauty of this place.


Be prepared for the Vietnamese’s friendliness to win you over! Getting to know the people of Vietnam is the single most rewarding thing you can do whilst holidaying there. Their warmth and generosity will keep you returning holiday after holiday.


In Vietnamese society, it is important for people to respect their elders, on greeting people the oldest member of any group should always be greeting and served first.

When dining out use the chopsticks provided, making sure you rest them on your plate or on the table between eating your course. Hold your bowl close to your face when eating and when you’ve finished your meal, place your chopsticks on your plate or rice bowl.

On greeting someone in Vietnam shake their hand on saying hello and saying goodbye, whilst bowing your head slightly to show your respect. Say  “xin chao” (pounced ‘seen chow’) in addition to their name and title on initial greetings.

Vietnam is well accustomed to westerners so shorts and skirts are not frowned upon. Though be sure to cover up if you are heading to any religious sites or away from touristy areas, off the beaten track.

Tipping: Tipping is not expected in Vietnam, so don’t feel obliged to tip whilst eating or drinking out.

Greetings & Language

If you’re looking to socialise or greet your fellow Vietnamese whilst away on holiday, here are a few handy phrases to help you on your travels.

To say hello, it’s ‘Xin chao’ (pronounced ‘sin chow’) and goodbye is ‘Tam Biet’.

Thank you is ‘Xin Cam’ (pronounced ‘sin gahm un’).

Whilst, I'd like to eat is ‘Toi muon an’ (pronounced ‘thoy moowan un’) and I'd like to drink is Toi muon uong (pronounced ‘thoy moowan oowanh’).

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