Singles Holidays to Tunisia

A thoroughly modern country with deeply impressive historical roots, Tunisia is the perfect destination for singles looking to immerse themselves in ancient culture while enjoying all the trappings of modern life. The north-eastern tip of the country is only 90 mile from the west of Sicily, and traces of typically Classical architecture can still be found around the cities, most notably Carthage, the city that gave its name to the once-powerful Carthaginian civilisation. The country is home to no fewer than eight UNESCO world heritage sites.

Nowadays, Tunisia is in many ways the typical Mediterranean holiday destination, with its beach culture given a boost by the locals’ natural hospitality. But how many Med holidays can offer you a camel ride through the desert or a visit to a traditional North African marketplace full of colour, sounds and aromas that will stay with you forever? With almost guaranteed sunshine, you can travel light, which is handy considering you’ll certainly return with much more than you left with!

The most popular places to stay in Tunisia are Port El KantaouiHammamet and Yasmine Hammamet, all of which give tourists the perfect mixture of ancient and traditional culture and modern, relaxing holidaying in the sun.

Tunisia located in North Africa is a mecca for hot, dry, consistent weather all year round - a result of its proximity to the Sahara Desert.

The weather is made up of both an African and Mediterranean climate, with the desert region in the south experiencing higher temperatures than the rest of the country, whilst in the north - bordering the Atlas Mountain Range  - temperatures can be lower and more infrequent, especially in winter, when snow is likely in the mountainous regions.

Summers are often long and hot with temperatures reaching in excess of 40 degrees Celsius, with limited rain. Winters are especially mild - perfect for escaping those winter blues, as temperatures range from 12 – 18 degrees Celsius, but can often be damp.

If you enjoy hot weather than the summer months are the best time to visit, soaking up the many beaches on Tunisia’s stunning coastline. However if the heat is a little too much for you to handle, think about visiting in one of the shoulder months, such as spring (March through to May) where the temperatures are much kinder and the landscape is dotted with wild flowers and fauna. Alternatively autumn (September through to November) offers pleasant warm temperatures, ideal for sightseeing, especially if you’re looking to visit the desert. This time of year is often less crowded with holidaymakers, making it easy to get about and explore the many wonders of Tunisia.