Singles Holidays to Tenerife

With a vast array of impressive beaches in sands coloured in shades from rich gold to inky black, a thriving night life and one of the world's largest carnivals, it is safe to say that a visit to Tenerife is the perfect way to combine relaxation with leisure. That's not to say it's all beaches and parties though, the largest island in the Canary Islands archipelago also has a more refined side where you can delve into its rich culture. Brimming with museums, art galleries, fantastic restaurants and colonial towns; this stunning island with its dramatic volcanic landscapes makes the perfect destination for your singles holiday.

You can explore the emerald-green tropical forests, climb Spain's tallest mountain (the snow-topped Pico del Tiede) and even indulge in a little light shopping in one of the many designer boutiques in the area.

Canary Islands - Tenerife

Departures from 04 Apr 2017
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