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Sri Lanka is a beautiful island, South of India. It's known for its stunning beaches, dense rainforests, wide selection of fascinating wildlife and wonderful Buddhist ruins. You can meet gentle elephants and watch whales frolic in the ocean, as well as exploring some of the ancient ruins. Due to its history as a maritime hub, the cuisine in the area is a rich fusion of many cultural influences, taking the best bits from other destinations and combining them in an impression and memorable array of delicious dishes.

Mist-topped mountains, enthralling water sports in the sparkling Indian Ocean, a packed calender of festivals, a rich cultural heritage and some of the best ayurvedic spas in the world are all reasons that Sri Lanka makes an enchanting destination for your singles holiday experience.

Sri Lanka heralds as an all year-round holiday destination owing to its warm climate, and for having no times when it’s off limits due to poor weather conditions, as when one climate zone is wet the other is dry.   
The climatic zones are largely dictated by monsoons, the west and south experience a monsoon season from May through to September, whilst the eastern and northern areas of Sri Lanka are affected by monsoons from October to January.
Don’t be put off by the thought of rain through, in general when it does rain, it’s unusual for the rain to last all day, downpours tend to be short and quick meaning you can dash inside to escape with a drink or a spot of lunch, before it drying up, leaving you to enjoy the rest of your day. The coastal areas enjoy an average yearly temperature of 27 degrees Celsius, whilst March to June experiences the highest temperature around 33 degrees Celsius
If you’re planning to visit the east coast, the best time to visit is between the months April to November whilst for the west of the coast the ideal time to visit is December to March.

White water rafting on the Kelani River

If adrenaline thrills are your kind of thing, then sri lanka is sure to impress with its Cat 5 and Cat 4 white water rapids on the Kelani River, bringing in thrill seekers from all over the world.  Take in the stunning forest scenery and wildlife nestled in the riverbed as you meander down the rivers rapids.

Sigiriya Rock Fortress

Built by King Kashyapa during the 5th century, Sigiriya Rock Fortress known fondly as Sri Lankas City in the Sky rises 200m out of the plains. Surrounded by beautiful gardens and moats on the lower levels, it is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site.

Kandy Tea Plantation

No trip to Sri Lanka would be complete without tasting its delicious, world-famous Ceylon Tea. Sample it at its best, freshly picked straight from the tea plantation and brewed into cup. Tour the plantation whilst learning about the process of tea, how it is graded and the methods used to produce and manufacture the tea.


Whatever your nationality you will be warmly greeted when venturing to Sri Lanka. The people are incredibly friendly and will welcome you with a smile, ready to help you out if you’re in need of directions or recommendation for a restaurant or place to stay.


Whilst visiting Sri Lanka it is important to respect their cultural beliefs. Be sure to dress appropriately when visiting religious or sacred sites, shoes and hats should be removed and your shoulders and legs should be covered up at all times. Be aware that Sri Lankans consider pointing to be a rude gesture, so reframe from doing it in public.

Greetings in Sri Lanka can vary from person to person, when meeting an elder they are more likely to greet you with their hands clasped together, along with a slight bow of their head, whilst the younger generations tend to greet with a handshake. 

When dining out Sri Lankans generally eat with their fingers, however as a tourist you may be offered some cutlery. It is traditional that if you finish all your food on your plate or bowl you will be offered a second helping, therefore leave some food on your plate to show that you are full - that's if you are!

Tipping: Tipping is not expected in Sri Lanka, so don’t feel obliged to tip whilst eating or drinking out.

Greetings & Language

If you’re looking to socialise or greet your fellow Sri Lankans whilst away on holiday, here are a few handy phrases to help you on your travels.

To say hello it’s ‘Ayubowan’ (pronounced ‘Aayu-bo-wan’).

Thank you is ‘Bohoma istouti’ (pronounced ‘Bo-hoh-mah Iss-too-tee’) and please is ‘’ (pronounced ‘Karu-nah-kara’). 

Good morning is ‘Ayubowan’, whilst Good evening is ‘Suba rathiyak way va’.

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