Singles Holidays Over 60s

Retirement may be looming, however recent studies show that you’re merely middle aged, with 60 today being seen as the new 40!

If you’re looking for tranquillity and to make relaxing memories be it on a beach or discovering ancient sites and beautiful historical landmarks, we have every eventuality covered to ensure you get the most out of your holiday.

As we become fitter, healthier and are living longer, more and more people are looking to their 60’s to discover adventure, whilst ticking off those all important bucket list items, be it scuba-diving, paragliding or even swimming with sharks, holidays these days within this age bracket are all about reliving your younger years through exciting adrenalin-filled excursions and once in a lifetime trips.

As specialists in solo travel rest assured you will be placed with likeminded people who are looking to get the same experiences out of their holiday as you. Check out our most popular destinations for over 60s, and prepare to make a new set of memories!

Departures from 24 Aug 2018 / 7 nights

holidays in Bulgaria - Sunny Beach

Enchantment and wonder prevail with singles holidays in Bulgaria. Your fascination will be ignited in a land bordered b

start from £ 1229
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Departures from 04 Sep 2018 / 7 nights

holidays in Greek Island - Crete

It won’t take you long to fall head over heels in love with Chania. The picture-postcard town is home to a specta

start from £ 919
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Departures from 06 Sep 2018 / 7 nights

holidays in Canary Islands - Lanzarote

Our singles holiday to the Spanish Island of Lanzarote promises an immersive experience in the Canaries, with sun soake

start from £ 1179
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Departures from 15 Sep 2018 / 7 nights

holidays in Italy - Sardinia

Our singles holiday on the island of Sardinia will bring the most unique and inspiring moments bursting with the rustic

start from £ 1079
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Departures from 28 Sep 2018 / 7 nights

holidays in Italy - Ischia, Amalfi Coast

Proudly peaking out in the Tyrrhenian Sea, the mountainous Isle of Ischia off the coast of Italy is a charming getaway

start from £ 1079
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Departures from 02 Oct 2018 / 7 nights

holidays in Malta - Sliema

A melting pot of civilisations right at the heart of the Mediterranean, this trio of islands have been travelled and oc

start from £ 1129
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Departures from 05 Oct 2018 / 7 nights

holidays in Spain - Majorca

Majorca is Spain’s largest island and is a destination of many contrasts - on one sunsoaked side it is enriched w

start from £ 1019
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Departures from 15 Oct 2018 / 22 nights

holidays in India - Kerala Solitair Marigold

If there ever comes a time in your life when you feel l

start from £ 2099
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Departures from 08 Jan 2019 / 7 nights

holidays in Canary Islands - Tenerife

Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands and its eclectic nightlife, vibrant dive sites and beautiful beaches make

start from £ 949
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Departures from 16 Jan 2019 / 7 nights

holidays in Egypt - Nile Cruise

Twisting through East African desert land, The River Nile brings life to 3,000 years of majestic culture and imagery wh

start from £ 1199
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