Singles City Breaks

A short city break is a fantastic way to get away from the stresses of daily life and escape for some much-needed relaxation. However, we understand that going on a city break alone can seem kind of lonely, and less magical than with a group of friends. That’s why we offer singles city breaks where you can get together with like-minded singles and enjoy a fantastic time away together. With destinations on offer all over the world, our singles city breaks give you the chance to experience the tastes and cultures of different cities, with great company as well.
Our singles city breaks are well-suited to all kinds of people. Men and women of all ages and from all kinds of backgrounds use our services to meet up with soon-to-be friends and experience new things. In the company of others, taking a trip away is not just more fun, it’s also much safer and less stressful, as there are always others there to help you get around. So, what are you waiting for? There’s no longer any need to spend boring weekends at home all on your own, when there are people to meet and memories to be made.

Departures from 04 Feb 2019 / 3 nights

holidays in Portugal - Lisbon Short Break

Known as the ‘City of the Seven Hills’, Discover beautiful Lisbon with Solitair, a historical city full of

start from £ 799
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Departures from 04 Mar 2019 / 3 nights

holidays in Italy - Naples

Find passion in Naples

There is a special atmosphere in Naples, it’s an ancient city

start from £ 649
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Departures from 04 Mar 2019 / 3 nights

holidays in Marrakech Short Break

Marrakech - the Red City - offers single travellers a plethora of intrigues to uncover. Imagine the aromatic scents of

start from £ 699
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Departures from 20 Apr 2019 / 2 nights

holidays in Easter Break - Cheshire

We are hosting a Singles Dinner and Dance Easter weekend at the fabulous Cottons Hotel and Spa in the middle of the spl

start from £ 379
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Departures from 05 May 2019 / 10 nights

holidays in British Isles Discovery

start from £ 1299
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Departures from 11 Dec 2019 / 5 nights

holidays in German Christmas Market Cruise

On this festive five night celebration, sample the delights of life aboard splendid Columbus enjoying delicious full bo

start from £ 679
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