Persian Gulf Singles Cruise

Combining visits to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Khor al Fakkan, Muscat and Khasab with the elegance of a luxury cruise ship, makes this singles holiday a very special one.

Dubai offers the perfect fusion of ancient mosques and traditional architecture as well as futuristic skyscrapers and the finest shopping and leisure activities. Abu Dhabi is one of the most modern and impressive cities in the world and is home to the third largest mosque.

Khor al Fakkan offers a tranquil type of natural unspoilt beauty and the stunning beaches surrounded by impressive mountain ranges are the perfect place to explore the glorious Arabia seas and the marine wildlife that thrive there.

Street foods, busy souks and traditional architecture mean that Muscat is the ideal place for you to immerse yourself in the intriguing culture of the area with new-found single friends. Khasab offers a stark glacial coastline that has led to its nickname as the 'Norway of Arabia' it offers yet another side to the beautiful United Arab Emirates.