Singles Holidays to Malaysia

Malaysia is renowned for its rich fusion of cultures. The peninsula is full of majestic colonial architecture, verdant tea plantations, vibrant cities and relaxed islands. On the other hand, Malaysian Borneo is famed for its emerald green jungles and the beautiful orangutan who live there, as well as the spectacular granite peaks and the isolated tribes. If you love exploring the ocean and marine life, then Malaysia is known for its diving opportunities too.

Malaysia is the ideal destination for your singles holiday experience, with a culture that embraces modernity yet still respects its rich cultural history. You can get swept up in the bustling city life in Kuala Lumpa with its impressive sky-rise buildings and striking architecture before exploring the refined beauty of the traditional longhouse villages of Sarawak.

The diversity that is expressed in the landscapes and architecture also translates to the food. Chinese food, Western menus, Chinese-Malay dishes, Indian meals and Dayak delicacies are all readily available.


Malaysian’s are friendly and kind people. Their multi-cultural society lends itself to them living peacefully and respecting all those around them, as various religions and cultures intertwine. 

Manners will get your far in Malaysia, so be sure to always say ‘please’ and thank you’ as a sign of respect when interacting with people. If you happen to praise their beautiful country they are most likely to greet you with a wide smile. 

Family plays an important role in Malaysia, with a large part of time-spent gathering with family – extended families are seen as the basic unit of society. Be sure not to overlook the older generation as elders are greatly respected, with them being in charge of handling important family matters.


Whilst in Malaysia it is important to respect their culture and beliefs, as such, take particular note of your dress.  Be sure not to expose lots of bare flesh, torso’s should be kept covered at all times – except when at the beach. For woman, long sleeved tops are favoured, whilst skirts or shorts should extend down to the knee, as a sign of respect.

When entering a home, remember to take off your shoes, leaving them at the doorstep – this is because the soles of the shoes are considered dirty and unclean in Muslim culture. 

On greeting someone for the first time in Malaysia, a simple handshake on arrival and departure will suffice, followed by a nod or slight bow when greeting a woman or an older person. Note, you should always greet the oldest person first, as a sign of respect.

Tipping: Tipping is not expected or practised in Malaysia. However, in touristy places, the restaurant bill may include a service charge of 10%, so be sure to check. 

Greetings & Language

If you’re looking to socialise or greet your fellow Malaysians whilst away on holiday, here are a few handy phrases to help you on your travels. 

Common greetings such as hello aren't recognised, but locals often simply use a friendly ‘hello’.

To say hello before lunch say ‘Selamat Pagi which means good morning (pronounced ‘pag-ee’), whilst ‘Selamat petang’ is good night (pronounced ‘puh-tong’).

Be sure not to forget your please and thank yous, to say please it’s ‘Sila’ and thank you is ‘Terima kasih ’.

Malaysia - Truly Asia

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