Singles Holidays to Dominican Republic

If you love beaches as much as you adore colonial architecture and can't decided between a holiday destination with regal mountains or stark striking desert landscapes then you might like to consider the Dominican Republic which neatly checks all of the boxes. Renowned for its ocean vistas, laid-back village life, mountainside bars and delicious fresh seafood; there is plenty to explore in this beautiful country.

Mangrove lagoons, palm-lined white beaches, rugged cliffs and dramatic sand dunes all make up the landscape of the Dominican Republic. From the secluded bays and coves you can spot migrating humpback whales, while deeper inland you'll uncover majestic waterfalls and dense green jungles. This is a culturally complex and breathtaking location that is perfect for your singles holiday experience.

Dominican Republic

Departures from 21 Jun 2017
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