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If you love beaches as much as you adore colonial architecture and can't decided between a holiday destination with regal mountains or stark striking desert landscapes then you might like to consider the Dominican Republic which neatly checks all of the boxes. Renowned for its ocean vistas, laid-back village life, mountainside bars and delicious fresh seafood; there is plenty to explore in this beautiful country.

Mangrove lagoons, palm-lined white beaches, rugged cliffs and dramatic sand dunes all make up the landscape of the Dominican Republic. From the secluded bays and coves you can spot migrating humpback whales, while deeper inland you'll uncover majestic waterfalls and dense green jungles. This is a culturally complex and breathtaking location that is perfect for your singles holiday experience.

The Dominic Republic is famed for being a tropical, all year round destination with the climate remaining consistent - around 25 degrees Celsius - with little seasonal variation throughout the year, making it a great place to holiday, whatever the time of year.

As with all the islands in the Caribbean, Dominic Republic experiences two distinct seasons, a dry season and a wet season.

In the North of the island, the wet season starts in October and runs through to April, whilst in the South it runs from May to November. As the name suggests the wet season sees a lot of rain, but is also very hot and very humid, with temperatures during these months peaking to the highest in the year.

The dry season is often the most popular time to visit from December to April, as this is when the weather is at its best, the temperature is cooler and the rains have stopped. Highs of 27 degrees Celsius can be expected and sunshine is plentiful making it the perfect destination to escape those winter blues.

It might be hard to tear yourself away from those idyllic beaches but if you're planning a spot of sightseeing to soak up the Dominican flare be sure to visit these must see attractions:

Los Haitises National Park 

Accessible only by boat this slice of paradise is like so few in the world, the park is famous for its karst limestone formations, caves and grottoes filled with pictographs left behind by the indigenous Taínos – not to mention it was one of the locations they used to film Jurassic Park

Colonial City of Santo Domingo

In 1492 when explorer Christopher Columbus's arrived on Dominic Republic, Santo Domingo became established with its first cathedral, hospital, customs house and university in the Americas. Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, its original grid-like layout has famously become the model for almost all town planners in the New World.


The people of Dominican Republic are known for their laid-back, warm personalities – ‘don’t worry’ and ‘no problem’ being common phrases you’re most likely to hear – a trait of their old Caribbean charm.

The way of life is particularly easy going, and you’ll often see people pedalling their bicycles, filled with bananas or listening to music, idling the day away, whilst soaking up the exotic, relaxing surroundings.

No matter what you need, Dominic republicans are very friendly and will be ready to help you, whether you’re looking for recommendation on sites to see or restaurants or bars to while away the day, or night.

Family plays an important role in island life, with a large part of time spent gathering with family, especially over meal times.  Be sure not to overlook the older generation, as elders are greatly respected, with their wisdom and experiences greatly valued.


When addressing people in Dominican Republic a simple handshake will suffice, followed by a 'good morning' or 'hello'.

Tipping: Tipping is widely accepted throughout the country, with tourism playing a big part towards the economy, this is because the average salary is very low. It is expected that you tip between 10% and 15% depending on the level of service you receive. It is also worth noting that if you require the assistant of a local, such as them taking a photograph of you, it’s good to tip them a small amount – any loose change – as a sign of gratitude.

Greetings & Language

If you’re looking to socialise or greet your fellow Dominican Republic whilst away on holiday, here are a few handy phrases to help you on your travels. The main language spoken is Spanish, however English is also widely spoken.

To say hello, it’s ‘hola’, before lunch say ‘Buenos días’ which means good morning, whilst ‘Buenos tardes’ is good night.

Be sure not to forget your please and thank yous, to say please it’s ‘Por Favor’ and thank you is ‘gracias’.

Finally if you’re wanting to order a drink, a refreshing beer for example, its ‘Por favor puedo pedir una cerveza’ which translates to ‘please may I order a beer?’

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