Cuba Libre Singles Cruise

With a rich history, fascinating culture, impressive architecture and a lively nightlife; Cuba is an intoxicating and exhilarating holiday destination. Combining the richness of Cuban culture with the tranquil luxury of a cruise ship gives you a perfectly balanced and harmonious singles holiday experience.

Visit Havana, Cuba Holguin, Santiago, Montego Bay- Jamaica, Trinidad and Punta Frances in between languid days spent enjoying the spas, pools, bars and restaurants on board the ship. Havana is a colourful and lively city, with bustling streets where Rumba bands play, American-made classic cars and elegant Spanish colonial buildings. Cuba Holguin is a slice of paradise complete with palm-fringed beaches, pristine sands and beautiful blue oceans. The city of Santiago is surrounded by the most striking views of the Andes, elegantly capped in snow. It is also a exciting city with a rich cultural history. The rainforests, mountains and reef-lined beaches of Jamaica are breathtaking and Trinidad with its Creole culture, love of calypso and carnival tradition is vibrant and mesmerising. This is one of the most exciting and vibrant parts of the world, making it a seductive choice for any single travellers.