Cruises for Singles

The cruise has been a beloved means of getting away from it all since the 1820s, although not so long ago many people were saying it would never regain the heights of its golden age in the 1920s. Bu they were wrong. Now the industry is thriving again, with megaliners taking millions of passengers to every corner of the world, and cruising on a more modest scale proving to be a popular way to relax and watch the world go by.

We know how much singles love cruises, which is why we’ve got a boatload of them to enjoy. If you want to sail the oceans, our liners sail from London, Tenerife and Miami and stop off at some of the best loved Caribbean resorts. We also have cruises of the Greek Islands and Cuba, with regular stop-offs to take on supplies. More modest vessels make for great cruises, too – try a traditional gulet cruise off Turkey or a magical journey down the Nile in Egypt.

If you’d love to go on a cruise but are holding back because you’re single, this could be the spark that ignites a new life of cruising – a fabulous cruise of the UK with the nation’s favourite singles holiday provider, Solitair. Bon voyage!

Amazon & Caribbean

Departures from 07 Jan 2018
From £ 4899

Baltic & St. Petersburg

Departures from 16 May 2018
From £ 1599

British Isles Discovery

Departures from 04 Sep 2017
From £ 1199

Canaries & Madeira

Departures from 14 Oct 2017
From £ 1679

Celebration Cruise

Departures from 10 Jun 2017
From £ 129

Christmas & New Year

Departures from 17 Dec 2017
From £ 2399

Christmas Market

Departures from 14 Dec 2017
From £ 429

Croatia Cruise

Departures from 10 Jun 2017
From £ 999

Cuba Libre

Departures from 21 Aug 2017
From £ 2379

Egypt Nile Cruise

Departures from 07 Jun 2017
From £ 949

Greek Island & Turkey

Departures from 29 Jun 2017
From £ 1649

Iceland & Northern Isles

Departures from 06 Jun 2018
From £ 1479

Majestic Fjordland

Departures from 30 Jun 2018
From £ 899

Northern Lights To Iceland

Departures from 04 Mar 2018
From £ 1449

River Seine Cruise

Departures from 30 Mar 2018
From £ 899

Round The World Cruise

Departures from 05 Jan 2018
From £ 7929

Turkey Gulet Cruise

Departures from 29 May 2017
From £ 699