Christmas & New Year Singles Cruise

Christmas can be lonely, is inevitably cold and makes us all crave warmer climates and sunlit adventures. Our Christmas and New Year Cruise will give you the sunshine injection that you need with a luxury trip to the Canary Islands, Madeira and Lisbon. Spend your Christmas Day with other single people, enjoying the luxury services on board the cruise ship. Bring in Boxing Day from The Rock of Gibraltar and enjoy New Year's Eve with a firework spectacle in Madeira.

Explore Lanzarote, Tenerife and Gran Canaria; all known for their fine dining, exquisite sea food dishes and glorious beaches. Trek through the rugged landscapes and explore the striking coastlines before heading to Portugal and more refined living on board the cruise ship.

Hilly Lisbon is known for its thriving café culture and music scene, pretty pastel houses, vibrant ceramics and glorious sunsets. The archipelago of Madeira benefits from a sub-tropical climate, lush green landscapes, delightful mountain walks and azure oceans where dolphins and whales frolic. This cruise combines the perfect balance of luxury and refinement with adventure and visits to places of rich cultural interest and stunning natural beauty.

·         A safe environment

·         No flying involved, departs from London Tilbury

·         Experience many new destinations, scenery and cultures in one holiday

·         The unique camaraderie of travelling together on a smaller ship

·         Solo travellers need never be alone; but if you want to be, you can be

·         Special on board programme of events including a welcome cocktail party and get- togethers

·         The opportunity to meet like-minded travellers and make new friends


New Departures coming Soon
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New Departures coming Soon
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