Uncovered: Why people go on singles holidays?

Written by

Sarah Dawson

Sarah is our in-house blogger. She loves exploring new countries and in her spare time she likes to share stories of her travels on her personal travel blog: http://thenorthernnomad.com/

It seems funny to think there was once a time when the idea of a singles holiday was purely stigmatised to that of an 18-30’s holiday, or those purely in the market for a quick fling. Nowadays a singles holiday means so much more.
A lot of singles holidays are now booked through choice often by travellers who are looking to meet and spend time with other like-minded travellers whilst sharing a common-ground – that of travelling!
If you lack social skills or confidence, solo travel with other likeminded travellers can be great, as being able to crowd surf, by being thrown into new groups of people and experiences can really help alleviate any social anxiety and help bring out the best in you, whilst bosting your confidence.
Singles holidays are also a great way for the lone traveller looking for the pursuit of excitement and adventure, whilst ticking off any of their all important bucket list items. It may be that they are leaving a partner at home, who doesn’t share the same aspirations to travel or they just want to do it alone, to gain some independence. 
If you’re thinking of booking a singles holiday you’ve come to the right place, be rest assured that you’ll enjoy a trip of a lifetime.