Travel tips for females riding solo

Written by

Sarah Dawson

Sarah is our in-house blogger. She loves exploring new countries and in her spare time she likes to share stories of her travels on her personal travel blog:

Travelling alone can often seem like a daunting experience, yet these days more and more people - especially women - are opting to travel solo, be it to see the wonders of the world or to tick off that all important bucket list item, choosing to leave their partners or friends at home and do it alone!
A woman travelling solo is no easy feat, your safety will always be at the forefront of your mind, therefore it’s important to be aware of your surroundings at all times, whilst also being prepared to endure unwanted female attention. However all things aside, many women travel the world alone daily and are perfectly fine so don’t let this put you off exploring.
If you’re female and planning on riding solo on your next trip, Solitair offers the following travel tips to help you stay safe whilst travelling alone:


Be confident


As a woman travelling alone you are bound to stand out in the crowd, especially in countries where your physical appearance is different, therefore it’s important you look like you know where you are going – even if you don’t! If you can, try to revise the map and directions in advance. 


Learn the Lingo


Make sure you learn a few basic words for the country you are visiting, so you can communicate with locals, by doing this you’re more likely to look like an expat than a tourist, especially if you know some colloquial phrases.

Go with your gut


Trust your instincts, if something doesn’t feel right or you’re unsure of someone it probably is, or if you find yourself in a situation that feels unsafe be sure to remove yourself immediately.


Know the culture


In some cultures, being a woman means you have to follow certain rules.
It’s good to know about the countries cultural norms in order to avoid problems or any misunderstandings with the locals.


Dress sensibly


Pay attention to what’s ok for western travellers to wear, in some places showing too much skin is seen as disrespectful so be sure to check what's acceptable. Cover up your legs and shoulders, so not to attract unwanted attention


Be firm but polite


Learn to say 'no' politely! This is a very useful skill that will come in handy more often than you think during your travels. Whether you’re visiting the markets, at the bus station or just in a bar, knowing the right way to decline politely will land you in good stead whilst travelling.