The Best Winter Holiday Destination for Singles 2018/19

Written by

Sarah Dawson

Sarah is our in-house blogger. She loves exploring new countries and in her spare time she likes to share stories of her travels on her personal travel blog:

Winter is coming! The geese are getting fatter, and the central heating systems and log fires around the UK have sprung into action. Jack frost nipping at your nose and beautiful cold and misty mornings await, but the British winter can often drag on into a somewhat damp and dark affair.
Thankfully, Solitair Holidays is here to save the day. Treat yourself to some winter sun and sand, cultural getaways to the far east, or if the UK winter disappoints, some properly wintery fun in the far northern hemispheres of Finland and Iceland. All of which come with new friends and laughter, guaranteed to warm your spirits.
To inspire you this winter, our travel expert Sarah has come up with her top 5 winter destinations for 2018/19:



Your flight to the Algarve is approx 3 hours and upon arrival you will more than likely be basking in wall to wall sunshine. Unknown to many, this popular destination in Portugal enjoys favourable weather throughout the year, boasting 300 days of sunshine. The winter months are often the most enjoyable with a ‘not too hot’ feel about them and the Algarve provides plenty of quaint and unspoilt culture, beaches and fun, if you are willing to go slightly off the beaten track with your fellow single travellers.



The UK winter is the perfect time to head to central America. Mexico is warm, dry and bursting with life during January and provides the perfect tonic for anyone who is feeling a bit down because of the grey, damp weather in the UK. As well as fantastic climates, beaches and lush scenery, Mexico is best known for food and culture. With your fellow single travellers you will get the chance to sample tequila and classic Mexican cuisine.



If the UK weather hasn’t fulfilled your winter wonderland dreams, why not take yourself to a proper Christmas destination. Finland is an amazing and enchanting place to visit during the winter. While the UK weather is damp - which creates a very cold feel… Finish weather is very, very cold, but the climate is very dry - which with a nice warm coat is surprisingly enjoyable! The draw of Finland is the scenery, which is guaranteed to take your breath away. Along with your fellow single travellers you will be whisked past snowy wonderlands by huskies and on snowmobiles, enjoy campfires in the woods and visit reindeer’s. By the end of your trip, you might even believe in Santa Claus once again…