Singles Holidays to Turkey

It wasn’t too long ago that Turkey was a mysterious place to British people, but the tourism boom opened up its wonders to the point where it is now a mainstream destination, loved by millions of European visitors every year.It’s the perfect blend of truly ancient culture and immaculate weather alongside all the trappings of modernity, which makes for the perfect getaway destination for singles.

A great favourite pastime for singles in Turkey is walking. There are some excellent coastal walks and we highly recommend taking in the beautiful scenery with like-minded people. It’s the perfect ice-breaker as we normally go in groups of eight or more – you’ll probably find friends for life. For something less strenuous, how about a cruise in a gulet, the type of boat that has plied these waters for centuries – but now with showers, electrical appliances, a bar and a mini restaurant.Would seven days be enough for you? There are also cruises of Turkey and the Greek islands in a modern cruise ship to consider – not quite as quaint, but with anything you could ever want on tap.

Or how about a typical beach holiday, Turkish style? Soak up the sun and the natural charm and civility of your hosts as you top up your tan on some of the softest sandy beaches Europe has to offer. It really is singles heaven, with so much to do and so many people to meet.

Turkey is one of those destinations you can visit all year round, basking in glorious sunshine for most of the time, with summers been particularly hot and dry.

As with most Mediterranean climates, the best time to visit if you like warm weather are Spring through to Autumn, right through until November, as it enjoys a relatively cooler temperature whilst staying relatively dry also, perfect for long days on the beach or sightseeing. Even during the winter months you can expect mild temperatures with a good amount of sunshine, however rain is more likely, especially along the coastal regions.

The city of Istanbul experiences hot summers, but also cold winters, with heavy snowfall, as does the east of Turkey with its mountainous landscape, so be sure to wrap up warm if you are visiting at this time of the year.  If you’re heading on a trip to Central Turkey, its spectacular plateau landscape provides low rainfall and icey cold winters, whilst summers are lush and green with a pleasant and temperate climate.


Turkey - Gulet Cruise

Departures from 22 May 2017
9.6 Outsatnding
From £699
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Turkey - Lycian Walk

Departures from 01 May 2017
8.9 Great
From £549
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Turkey - Oludeniz Beach

Departures from 15 May 2017
9.9 Outsatnding
From £649
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Turkey - Oludeniz- Singles Only

Departures from 01 May 2017
9.6 Outstanding
From £349
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Turkey - Sail & Sand

Departures from 22 May 2017
Very Good
From £849
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