Singles Holidays over 50s

Singles holidays for over 50s by Solitair aren’t your regular, run of the mill over 50 holidays, oh no. We take pride in presenting fascinating destinations that offer deep relaxation and a fair amount of activities to keep you on your toes, because we know you’ve still got it! If you are over 50,  holidays welcome you into a group of solo travellers who grew up with the same fashions and sensibilities as yourself.

Solo holidays to over 50 ages can be a new beginning, another chapter for traveller celebrating with new friends in a new surrounding. We always endear the group of over fifties on our exclusive singles holidays, showing us what life is all about, how to really loosen up and enjoy ourselves.

sigles holidays over 50

Retired Singles Holidays

If you have recently retired, singles holidays are the perfect opportunity to get to know the world and all the people who join us on over 50s solo holidays. Pack your sunglasses and know that you are the envy of the beach, with no more work to do but still looking as young as ever!

What’s different about Solo Holidays if I am over 50?

Nothing changes, you still get the same flexibility, your own room and freedom of the journey with Solitair. The difference being how you decide to spend your time on your  holidays, at the pool, on a cruise boat, paragliding the sky or searching through the beautiful towns of old and new. Our perspective changes often, and our taste too, but holidays for the over 50 adventurer remain as exciting as ever.

A popular activity for our solo holidays over 50 ramblers are the walking holidays to Northern Cyprus. We have recently added another walking holiday to Bulgaria, a real gem in this years singles holidays for over 50s. Highly recommended to keep up the fitness and enjoy a breath of fresh air.

Others like to completely slow down and put their feet up on our solo holidays for over 50s. Malta is historically fascinating and will keep your eager mind full of interesting facts as your eyes are delighted by its picturesque harbour town. Solo holidays with over 50s take an interesting turn in Benidorm.

It can be exactly how you imagine, or something you absolutely didn’t expect. One thing is for sure, you will be surprised with fun, laughter and lots of sun, sea and pristine beaches. Soothe your mind, body and soul on our over 50s holiday to the Canary Islands and simply let the waves drift in and out of the shore to whisk you away and ease the stresses of todays life.

Capture a great deal with Over 50s Single Holidays

At Solitair, we understand that researching the perfect holidays and even saving up for that week of sun at the beach can be tricky! Our aim has been to provide the best solo holidays for over 50s with no single supplement for your own room at a great deal. There are a few ways to grab that bargain, by opting for a last minute deal and by booking 12 weeks in advance for the Solitair Smart Price solo holidays over 50s. Look out for all inclusive specials and your money will go much further.

Visit to get a good feeling of the perfect over 50s holiday for you. There are holidays solely for 50+ solo travellers, and most bring together a lively group of all ages! Get in touch to find out more.

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