Singles Holidays Over 40

Single holidays for those over 40 are in demand with solo travellers looking for new adventures. Reaching significant ages may frighten and bewilder you, it was only yesterday we were riding our bikes to school and playing hopscotch!

Many travellers are now in the perfect position to travel alone without the constraints of friends, family and work commitments. Ease into a brilliant opportunity to meet new people and explore the world on a solo holiday for over 40s. The freedom to do your own thing continues with over 40 holidays and this is especially true for all groups.

We receive a number of enquiries about the types of groups you may be travelling with and have tailored our holiday packages with this in mind. There are travellers who wish to travel with a group of similar ages, and there are those who love a wide mix of ages. The freedom of choice allows our customers to specify when, where and who you are going to spend your next solo holidays with.

singles holidays over 40s

Most of our customers fall directly within this age group, anything between 35-65, so you should be very comfortable. Pause for a thought about the exciting variety of people and different ages you may bump into on singles holidays. Try to relax your expectations and desires of travelling alone with just people in your same age and your entire holiday will become something to positively remember. At Solitair we think it is important to make sure groups are compatible and this allows the holiday to run smoothly with better communication. From excursions to evening entertainment and meals, our groups are full of laughter and interesting stories.

Not only are our holidays geared toward providing for over 40s but this extends across the range of amazing destinations. Spend a weekend away in the UK, explore Europe on a singles holiday for over 40s or go further away for a party in Mexico, Cuba and vibrant India. Solo holidays make travelling alone fun and friendly, you can spend your time away exactly as you like and meet more people to create the perfect experience.

Perhaps you have recently turned 40 and looking to treat yourself to a holiday for the traveller. Get in touch with Solitair and we will make it easy to soon be discovering a brand new sunny location. It if will be your first over 40 singles holidays then you might consider taking a shorter UK break to get into the idea of travelling alone.

Holidays for solos over 40 are a great way to add more experiences to your storybook or start a new life. Simply wonderful. Contact Solitair on 0844 414 4010.

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