Singles Holidays No Single Supplement!

People who are single can sometimes shy away from booking themselves a holiday or short break for two main reasons - they assume that they will not have a good time as they are alone and they are worried about the cost of solo supplements.

Solo Supplements are the bane of many holiday makers lives and unfortunately there is nothing to prevent hotel owners from charging an extra fee for someone who is alone. As a result of this many people will avoid even looking for a holiday as they think they will be charged an excessive fee. However, if you knew that you could go on holiday, with a company who cater exclusively for solos and not pay a supplement would you be interested?

No Supplement Singles Holidays

In most cases the obvious answer to this would be yes.

The reason that we are able to offer singles holidays with no single supplement is that we have spoken with resorts and hotels and arranged a 'no supplement' deal for any solo traveller who travel with us. That means that you can have a fantastic holiday, anywhere in the world, as a person and not have to pay a penny more than you should.

It doesn't matter what type of holiday you are looking for, we will be able to find something suitable. With cruises around the Med and other areas, hiking holidays, adventure holidays, beach breaks and so much more there is plenty on offer.

While on these holidays for single people you will meet others who are in the same position as you. This gives you the chance to have fun and mingle, go to dinner, attend parties and so much more as everyone is exactly the same.

For more information on taking a holiday as a solo person without a hefty supplement, please visit our website.

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