Singles Holidays Explored

There is a real magic about exploring the world and seeing new sights; understanding new cultures and throwing yourself into a different world with both feet.  However, wonderful experiences always seem a little more magical when you have someone to share them with.

Many single people assume that their status means they will no longer share beautiful holiday memories with others.  That being solo means an end to holidays.  Because let’s face it, the prospect of dining alone, travelling alone and facing language barriers alone is more than a little daunting.  Fortunately, being solo actually opens up a lot of doors in the world of holidays and solo travellers may well just find themselves taking the holiday of their lives.

Relaxing on a singles beach holiday

Singles holidays are a fabulous way to travel the world and experience new cultures without being lonely.  To have the support of others, to share meals and experiences and make some fabulous new friends.  Once you’ve shared a stunning sunset or taken a safari or indulged in a traditional dish with someone then the bonds of friendship are firmly secured.  It’s the ideal way to form a lifelong friendship with a number of like-minded people.

The beauty of holidays is that you’re all in the same boat.  There are no loved up couples or blissful families, you won’t feel left out and awkward in your singleness.  None of you know each other before hand, but you all share your love of travel and adventure and are all there to meet new and interesting people. 

Another huge advantage of taking a solo holiday is the safety and security of group travel.  Travelling alone can be dangerous as well as daunting.  As the old adage goes there is safety in numbers, as well as immense enjoyment.

Joining in solo holiday also helps to reduce the overall bill.  The fees are split equally meaning that it often works out a lot cheaper than booking a solo trip and fronting each bill individually.  Group discounts can really help makes things such as entrance fees and travel costs much more affordable.

If you like your own space but also like the idea of travelling in a group then fear not.  Solo holidays don’t mean that you spend every moment with the group.  There are key group sessions and excursions that everyone is encouraged to participate in.  But there is also ample time to spend alone if you need it.  The beauty of being in a group is that if you really fancy staying out late for a few exotic cocktails or trekking up the mountain first thing in the morning, then it’s highly likely that some of the group members will feel the same.  There will always be people who want to stay up later or try new things outside of the schedule.  Which means that you will always have companionship when needed. 

Travelling alone is an adventurous and exciting thing to do and making new friends is fulfilling and rewarding.  Fusing the two is a powerful combination and is the sure fire way to give you the best holiday of your life.

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