No Single Supplement Holiday - Get The Full Value For Money

There are quite a few disadvantages of travelling alone. And one such demerit - albeit not that serious - involves the single supplements being charged from solo travellers. It is like they have to pay a fine for spending some quality time away from prying eyes. Quite naturally, most people find the solo supplements unfair. Given an option, they would certainly favour no single supplement holiday options over the more common ones which involve the collection of such supplements.

The hotels and resorts charging these have their side of the story to tell. Most rooms are shared by at least two people. The costs of cleaning and maintaining the rooms are the same irrespective of the number of people staying in them. The hoteliers emphasise on the need for these surcharges to keep the rooms well-maintained. The solo travellers do not have any other option but to pay for the extra person that they would have shared their room with.

No Single Supplement Singles Holidays

Many people are devising methods to avoid the single supplements. There are two more common methods of going for No Solo Supplement Holiday options. The vacationers can share rooms or travel during the off-peak periods. A Traveller could also move as part of a group and get to know people with whom he can share the costs of accommodation. It also pays for the vacationers to bargain with the hotel owners regarding the solo supplement. This way, they can expect to reduce the costs to a certain extent.

Bargain deals are also available to people who can afford to take unplanned breaks. These deals come with low costs and discounts; the hoteliers are interested in filling up vacant rooms at the last minute. The tariff of these hotels are naturally on the lower side. It pays for people on Solos Weekend or singles activity holidays to go for deals from the well-established holiday planners and reputed tour operators. These people would be having the necessary expertise to assist the travellers in their quest for cost effective staying options.

The no single supplement holiday could also be in the form of cruises organised by certain event planners. A solo traveller can make the most of these cruising options to have the times of their lives abroad some mighty vessels going on to some enchanting locales.

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