Singles Holidays to Finland

If you like bracing crisp air, fairytale forests, crystal clear lakes and a spirit of adventure then Finland may well be the perfect location for your singles holiday. Whether you opt for one of the best hiking experiences in Europe or try your hand at a little canoeing and kayaking there is plenty to get involved with. The forests are famed for their bears, elks and flora as well as the exquisite seasonal produce.

The city life is vibrant, chic and thrilling, making an interesting contrast to the tranquillity of the natural landscape. Helsinki is rich with majestic architecture, lively bars and personality.

With the added lure of the aurora borealis, wood-fired saunas and snowy landscapes. There is something truly magical about Finland. There is also a thriving arts and music scene that is worth investigating while you are in the area.

Finland enjoys four distinct seasons each unique and different. In winter the days are short, North of the artic circle there’s a period where the sun doesn’t rise at al. Snow amasses the land of Northern Finland throughout the months November to April, whilst it arrives a later in its Southern territories.  Temperatures range from - 20 degrees Celsius, with the average temperature in Helsinki being around -5 degrees Celsius.

If you’re heading to Finland to watch the Northern lights the best time to visit is between the months September and March. Northern Lapland is the best place to see them, as the lights are visible on clear nights – on average every other night, whilst in southern Finland they are only visible for around 10-20 nights per year.

Summers in Finland are short, starting from May in Southern Finland and lasting until September but the weather is warm with temperatures ranging between 20 degrees Celsius and sometimes into the 30°C. North of the Arctic Circle, the sun never sets remaining visible in the sky at midnight (known as the midnight sun) from June to July, with it remaining visible for 24-hours during summer solstice. Summer is the perfect time for exploring the country when the countryside has completely thawed and the fauna and wildlife is in full swing. This time of year is popular with hikers and sightseers wanting to soak up the sun and Scandinavian way of life. 

Autumn is a season of great beauty in Finland, when the leaves turn bright red, yellows and burnt oranges – a photographer’s paradise. This time of year the light changes as nights draw in quicker, and the weather gets cooler, with day tie temperatures ranging between 5 degrees Celsius and 15 degrees Celsius. This time of year is popular with cyclists and hikers as they take to the woodland trials 

Spring is short, April to May, bringing lighter day and nights, and warmer temperatures, however the further north you go the later spring arrives. Spring see the grounds starting to thaw and the fauna start to blossom, with temperatures ranging from 0 degrees Celsius to 10 degrees Celsius. 

Finland - Northern Lights

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