Balearics Islands

The Balearic Islands lie in the eastern Mediterranean, about 100 miles off the eastern curve of Spain. The names you’ll definitely be familiar with: Ibiza, Menorca, Mallorca and Formentera have been popular destinations for single British travellers for decades. Depending on who you ask, Ibiza is either the party capital of the world or has long since cast off its image and grown into a peaceful retreat for the older generation. In reality it still has it all – you could easily spend a fortnight on the island and neither see nor hear a nightclub, but if you wanted to let your hair down you wouldn’t have to search too hard.

Mallorca and Menorca need no introductions. They’re perennial faves thanks to their melting pots of climate, culture and modernity, blended so perfectly that these beautiful islands draw visitors from the UK year after year. The Mallorcan capital, Palma de Mallorca, is a stunningly attractive harbour city with all the fine dining and night life you’d expect of such a place, not to mention its own beach. And if vigorous hill walking is more your scene, there are hundreds of unbelievably scenic routes for you appreciate while you stretch your legs.

Nestled in the Eastern Mediterranean, this famous set of islands enjoys warm and sunny weather throughout spring and summer and mild winters throughout the Balearics making it a popular holiday’s destination for holiday makers all year round.

During spring expect to find temperatures ranging between 18 to 20 degrees Celsius, with cooler nights, making it an ideal time for sightseeing or walking as the pleasant climate makes for a more enjoyable holiday.

Summers are particularly hot and dry, with temperatures in their 30’s, enjoying 11 hours of sunshine a day, perfect for lounging on the beach, whilst nights remain warm ideal for hopping from one party to the other.

The autumn and winter months experience mild temperatures of 14 degrees Celsius, clear blue skies and sunshine most days making it a great winter destination. October, November and December sees are the wettest months but don’t let visiting at this time put you off, as the weather is still generally sunny and nice.  The rain also brings with it green vegetation and lush landscapes, perfect for hikes in the mountainous regions, whilst the cooler climates make it perfect for sports and golfing enthusiasts.

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